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John Kelly is President and Chief Operating Officer of Ambassador Protection Services; Inc. John is a retired decorated NYPD Detective with more than 20 years of law enforcement experience.  John's career included assignments in Midtown North, Anti-Crime, and the Narcotics Division. As a detective he worked in Organized Crime Control Division (OCCB) where he was awarded the OCCB Outstanding Achievement Award for his management and successful conclusion of numerous complex investigations. John also served as a member of the Joint Firearms Task Force, an effort between the NYPD, State Police and various Federal Agencies. He was as a member of this elite unit and earned the prestigious Combat Cross – the second highest medal in the NYPD awarded for acts of extraordinary heroism. John was the principal bodyguard for President Clinton during the 2001 UN General Assembly. He is a graduate of St. Francis College with a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Protection Management from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  He is FBI Certified in Undercover Surveillance and Fingerprint Investigations and is a certified Executive Protection Specialist with special training in Emergency Vehicle Operations for High-speed defensive driving tactics.

As President of Ambassador Protection Services, John’s focus has been on gaining the trust and confidence of its clients while ensuring customer satisfaction. John’s expertise, knowledge, and experience in the field of Security and Investigations have enabled the company to retain a repeat client base in excess of 85% and a classification of elite in the high-end circuits of the industry.  John’s Security and Investigative experience stems not only from his NYPD career but also his almost 25 years in the security and investigative business. 

Providing Executive Protection for dignitaries, government officials and corporate executives has given John and all of Ambassador Protection employees the confidence and trust so many people seek when looking for this type of service.  This trust is especially imperative in the field of Investigations, an area of the company John has proudly grown over the past 13 years.  John personally ensures that all Ambassador’s services fulfill the requirements of Ambassador’s clients in a professional, discreet and successful manner.

When not working for Ambassador Protection Services John has made significant contributions in his hometown community.  John has been a volunteer member of his community Fire Department for the past 25 years and has also served as its Chief and Assistant Chief. In addition to his work with the Fire Department John has been a contributing participant for years in other organizations such as the Katie McBride Foundation, an organization set up to help defeat Burkitt’s Lymphoma disease. John is also an ongoing active contributor in several other community organizations.  This same commitment to his work and community have earned John the reputation of being “the go to guy” in the industry and in his community.

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Richard Conlon, the Operations Coordinator of Ambassador Protection Services, Inc., is a retired detective from the New York City Police Department.


After assignment in East New York Section of Brooklyn, Richard transferred to Street Crime Unit, and the Narcotics Division where he earned the reputation of a street smart, relentless investigator. During his tenure in the Narcotics Division, Richard became an expert in forensic photography and surveillance techniques. His expertise in wire-tapping and warrant applications led to assignments in the Joint Firearms Task Force and Joint FBI Organized Crime Task Force. He finished his police career in the Organized Crime Bureau’s Vice Enforcement Division. 

As part of the Ambassador Protection Services team, Richard supervised a high profile location as part of the World Economic Forum and obtained an excellent working relationship with the Secret Service.
Since joining Ambassador, Richard, has completed the Security Management Course at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He has been certified in Electronic Counter Surveillance after completing a Course in Tennessee. This training is designed specifically to assist in countering corporate espionage. 

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