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We have earned a reputation of being trusted professionals in a business that relies on such. Integrity, honor and expertise are the hallmarks of our business conduct. We have many contracts and clients which are long-term, repeat and referrals.

Security Assessment is a way to determine security vulnerabilities which are affecting the security of the corporation and/or individuals employed by the corporation. Security assessments are done by experts to make sure that your business is a safe building for everyone who works there.

The function of a security assessment, whether it is procedural and/or physical, is to minimize the risks of personal injury and property loss and to increase the structural safety of the facility. The goal of any assessment is to achieve the necessary level of security, consistent with security standards in order to assist in deterring future criminal activity in and around the surveyed location(s). After identifying the security weaknesses, further recommendations can be made to improve the overall security of your business and corporation.

Security and investigative services are our only business. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, ensures we provide our services in their best interest. We ensure the safety, well being and continuity of your business in today's world.

We provide trusted service in:

  • Hotel Security

  • Access Control

  • Residential - Buildings - Home - Vacation Watch

  • Site Hardening

  • Physical, Location Security

  • High-Profile Event Security

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